Legacy of a Great Woman: Mother Famie Hamilton

Mother Famie Hamilton is a wise godly woman full of good works. She received salvation and the baptism of the Holy Ghost in 1938 under the leadership of the late Bishop Charles Harrison Mason at the Temple Church of God in Christ. She is a good example of a helpmate, mother, pastor's wife, and role model to women.

She often worked as a silent partner, but her deeds were observed by many. In 1971, she organized the White Lily Club, a children's group designed to assist with the financial needs of the church. She had many fund raising projects and made a monetary contribution each fifth Sunday. This group has grown through the years and is yet functioning. In addition, Sister Hamilton was the first adult to offer her cooking skills in the church's kitchen to help strengthen the financial needs of the ministry.

This industrious women's attributes extend beyond her selling and cooking abilities. In 1985, Mother Hamilton became the advisor/treasurer of The Young Women's Christian Council, where she serves as a mentor and role model for young women to emulate. She has served as the President of the Mlnister's Wives Circle and treasurer of the Hospitality Committee. In addition, she served as leader of Tuesday high noon prayer service until recently.

Her works also extend beyond her local church. From 1979-1981, she served as treasurer of the State Minister's Wives Circle under the leadership of the late Mother Deborah Mason Patterson. For several years she was a member of the State Hospitality Committee and President of the Minister's Wives Circle for the Tree of Life District.

Mother Famie Hamilton has touched the lives of many through her labor of love and kind deeds. We esteem our First Lady highly for the work that she has done.

Humbly penned by Yvonne Williams,09/07/97. Revised by Linnie Neely, 2002