Pastor David L. Macklin

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First and Last Name: 
David L. Macklin
Date of Birth: 
Tuesday, June 14, 1960
Marital Status: 
Years of Membership at LIFE C.O.G.I.C: 

Personal Profile: 

Elder David Lee Macklin, is an inspired songwriter, poet, leader and Pastor, who has dedicated 37 years of his life sharing God's word to his people. Elder Macklin's messages have been the source of inspiration, divine healing and salvation to all people. David Lee Macklin, Sr. born in Memphis, on June 14, 1960, is the son of Mary Joyce Macklin and Melvin Kilpatrick. He accepted Christ in 1977, preached his first sermon in 1994 and received his minister's license in 1996. He is married to Ava Marie Macklin and is the father of three children. He is a father figure to his immediate family (nieces, nephews and others). He is a good example for any young person or persons to follow. He studied front line leadership at Zenger Miller College. Realizing the importance of having a deeper knowledge of the bible, he enrolled in the E.E. Dickerson Bible Institute, completed his theological studies and received Certificate of completion in 2003. He received Certificate of Achievement in Total Management (Bryce Corporation) / Certificate of Merit in Basic Supervision (Padgett-Thompson) / Accomplishment (Methodist Healthcare) Health and Welfare Ministries Division I Certificate of Ordination on July 29th 2003. Elder Macklin is a faithful member of Life Church of God In Christ where he now serves as the newly appointed Pastor.